• Global Wheat Head Dataset 2021
  • Global Wheat Head Dataset 2020
    • Official Dataset is now on Zenodo !
    • Global Wheat Head Data v1 paper is out and available on Plant Phenomics !

What is Global Wheat HEAd deTection (Global WHEAT) Dataset ?

 Global WHEAT Dataset is the first large-scale dataset for wheat head detection from field optical images. It included a very large range of cultivars from differents continents. Wheat is a staple crop grown all over the world and consequently interest in wheat phenotyping spans the globe. Therefore, it is important that models developed for wheat phenotyping, such as wheat head detection networks, generalize between different growing environments around the world.

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  • Wei Guo University of Tokyo
  • Etienne David Arvalis / INRAE
  • Ian Stavness University of Saskatchewan
  • Simon Madec Arvalis / INRAE
  • Helge Aasen ETH Zürich
  • Andreas Hund ETH Zürich
  • Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran Rothamsted Research
  • Scott Chapmann University of Queensland
  • Shouyang Liu INRAE / Nanjing Agricultural University


  • Simon Madec Arvalis / INRAE
  • Helge Aasen ETH Zürich
  • Andreas Hund ETH Zürich
  • Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran Rothamsted Research
  • Scott Chapmann University of Queensland
  • Daniel Smith University of Queensland
  • Shouyang Liu INRAE / Nanjing Agricultural University
  • Sahameh Shafiee NMBU
  • Franciso Pinto Espinosa CIMMYT
  • Xu Wang University of Kansas
  • David Shaner LeBauer Terraref
  • Sébastien Dandrifosse Université de liège / Gembloux AgroBioTech
  • Izzat Tahir Agricultural Research Council

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